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Newsletter September 2008

High Winds

Several times last week, Marveen and I took her great uncle, Bill, and his son out fishing for silvers on the Kenai River. Despite the river being chocked full of humpies, we managed to get them into some excellent silver fishing and they left happy and with a cooler full of fish. At 93, Bill still has a love for the Lord and for fishing. There were a few times when the fishing was a bit slow and Bill indicated that at his age, he’d like to move to a more productive spot since life is a bit short. Hearing Bill laugh like a kid was priceless when his son, Jeff, hooked a big king salmon that we chased down and managed to unhook and release.

Anyway, on one of our days on the river when we were fishing just upstream from Eagle Rock, I noticed that the tops of the cottonwoods were getting quite a bit of wind while down at river level, it was calm and pleasant. When the topic of moving down river to fish came up I shared what I had learned over the years that when the tops of those trees have the leaves peeled back from the wind, just around the bend at the fishing spot affectionately called “The Chicago Hole,” the wind would be howling. Sure enough, when we rounded the bend at Eagle Rock at full throttle, it was like hitting a wall of wind. We slowed down to cruising speed and bounced through it until we got further downstream where we were protected from the wind by some high bluffs and where we incidentally caught a bunch of fat and feisty silvers.

This week, with Marveen now in Colorado helping her mom and with Bill and Jeff back in Colorado sharing fishing stories and fish with their families and friends, I have had a few minutes to sit and watch what is going on in the world. Though I don’t stay awake long in front of the TV, I did manage to try to watch the late news that came on around midnight after the Olympic coverage was finished. What struck me was that the high winds are not just down along the river but they are also blowing at gale force on TV. I had to laugh as the news would air about three minutes of news stories interrupted with three minutes or so of political ads which are giving us lots of negatives about the opposing candidates or issues followed immediately with the opposite side giving their side of things. While it is one of the wonders of democracy that we have freedom of speech and freedom to publicly endorse or criticize others, it sure can be confusing sometimes. To vote an intelligent ballot takes considerable time, effort and discernment these days.

Later this week, I received an email from someone with news that a highly publicized Christian movement in the south had suddenly shut down amidst some very sad and controversial circumstances. Even in the church world, the winds are blowing and swirling around as critics criticize and defenders defend. The bottom line is that these winds of controversy can be damaging and disorienting to young or immature believers who are not firmly grounded in the Word of God. If there was ever a time when we need to be planted in the Word for daily wisdom and encouragement, it is now. I am reminded of the story in Matthew 7:24-29 where Jesus concludes the Sermon On the Mount by saying that the person who both HEARS and ACTS ON His teaching will be able to stand firm when the high winds and rain buffet them. Having our anchor lines firmly planted in the Word of God and obedience to it, are critical if we are to stand and not be casualties in these tumultuous days.

Then yesterday, on my way into the post office I noticed a vehicle sitting there occupied by one of our faithful members. I tapped the hood to get her attention to say hello and then on my way out she opened her door to talk a minute. I was blessed to notice that sitting on her lap was her open and well-worn Bible that she had been reading while her husband was inside. Taking those spare moments to read and meditate on the Word of God will likely stand her in good stead no matter how hard the winds blow.

God Bless You.

Pastor Wayne


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