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Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher

Stalked by bears; terrified as his over-loaded plane began to crash; staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. These are a few of the adventures Pastor Wayne Coggins has had sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to an often wild and raw assortment of human beings in the frontier that is Alaska. “Have you ever,” he asks, “been in one of those positions when you are in need of some instant assistance from the Lord and you discover you can pray a hundred miles an hour and never move your lips?”

Coggins shares his adventures with the people and animals and sheer awesome wilderness of Alaska to encourage every believer to trust God in times of need. Here are 30 true stories that will not only thrill the heart, but also help everyone to an increased faith in Almighty God.

Lovers For Life

This compilation offers marriage and family advice from dozens of leading authors, speakers, pastors and seminar leaders like Gary Smalley, Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Kevin Leman.

Occasionally referred to as the Love Doctor, Wayne Coggins contributed chapter six, "The Doctor Is In." It deals with diagnosing and treating unhealthy marriages.

Marriage Missions excerpt from book

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