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Newsletter December 2008

Teach Us To Number Our Days…

Psalm 90:12 has long been one of my favorite scriptures. It says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom.” I guess part of the reason I like that verse so much is because back when my old friend, Fred Day, was still alive, his wife Nancy had put that verse to music and they sang it so beautifully and with such nice harmony. When I was their pastor, I was always happy when they would sing that song by special request…mine!! When Fred and his son, Ben, died in a plane crash, I had to stop and admire how Fred had really lived that verse out in his own life by making each day count.

This last week I spent some time down in Seattle visiting with my mom who is now 86-years old. Though she is a bit wobbly on her feet and needs to use a walker, she is still very sharp both spiritually and mentally. We had some really good talks about all kinds of things, family stuff, and especially end time events and Bible prophecy. I thought I was a night owl but she outlasted me every night when I’d konk out reading a book while she played solitaire or other games on her computer. We jokingly call her our “cyber momma.” I was very aware of that concept of “numbering our days” and savoring each one with someone as special as my mom. Every day is a Thanksgiving Day because we still have her around.

The day I was to head back to Alaska I had to get up at 3:30 a.m. in order to get ready to drive to Seattle, turn in my rental car, and be at the airport in time to get through the security business and climb aboard Alaska Airlines. My mom set her alarm for 3:30 too so she could make sure I didn’t sleep through my alarm and miss my flight. Once a mom, always a mom!! Anyway, when I arrived in Anchorage and was waiting to make the 20-minute flight over to Kenai, I noticed that the snow was really coming down and visibility was next to nothing out on the runway. My flight was about an hour late and as we took off, it only took a few seconds before we were in the clouds heading southwest to Kenai. I normally enjoy that little jaunt and have flown it dozens of times over the years…but, this one was one of those white knuckle rides. I noticed that all the rest of the passengers were a little on the tense side, too, looking out the windows in hopes of getting a glimpse of the ground below. I did notice that about the time we should have landed, the pilots banked hard to the right and put the flaps down and lowered the landing gear…and still no ground in sight. It felt like we were just hanging there in space for awhile and then, boom…we hit the runway and rolled over to the terminal. I did some serious gratitude sharing with the Lord and some more profound “numbering of my days” with thankfulness that I had some more days to live!!

This is what they call the “holiday season” here in America. It is a time when special days are set aside to give thanks, honor the birth of Jesus and bring in a new year. I want to encourage everyone who reads this not to wait for a special day to do those things. May your hearts be filled with thanks and may you honor Jesus EVERY day of your life. And, may EVERY DAY be a NEW DAY to you as you live your life for Jesus. Lord, teach us to number our days and make them count in the things that REALLY matter.

God Bless You!

Pastor Wayne



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